Heartbreak Productions Presents

Wonder with Grimm

Saturday 31 July - 3:00pm

It’s Grimm Night and the forest spirits are wandering abroad. Never heard of the Grimm? It used to live in the Black Forest, but now travels through forests across the UK looking for children’s voices to steal. To prevent this spectre from taking our voices we must tell it stories, so we gather together to re-tell the stories from whence it took its name – the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

But these aren’t the stories as you know them...

We’ve shaken them up and twisted them around for today's audience. Rumplestiltskin is a tech wizard who, instead of spinning straw into gold, manipulates algorithms for followers on “chit chat”. Rapunzel cuts off her own hair and ties it to the bed to climb out of her tower — no prince necessary. The final fairy tale is an original penned by Heartbreak’s “Find Your Voice” contest winner, Kasper, a year 4 student from Leamington Spa. His story “Sin Der Fella” is an original take on Cinderella.

Join us for an evening of enchanting storytelling full of magic, puppetry, and music, as we enter into the fantastical world of the Brothers Grimm – with altered endings and modern twist.

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